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Board & Train

Please note that our boarding and board and train services book out quickly due to being a small scale home environment. If you have a holiday planned for any time in the next 12 months, please get in touch sooner rather than later.


Neville hates his training days with us. Clearly.jpg

Board & Train

2-12 weeks

Safe, secure environment

Intensive, targeted training
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Teddy and Summer are back for a fortnight to relax on the GDU deck while their own home is

Boarding & Respite

Any length

Price varies depending on sociability & requirements
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$75 - $120/day

Board & Train

Whether you're short of time to implement the necessary training yourself, or your dog is displaying more challenging behaviour that requires a an experienced handler, board & train is a home away from home boarding school.

Being a small scale home environment, our board and train dogs get the full attention of two experienced trainers as we get to know your dog, develop training goals, and get to work implementing a training plan for you. Stays last between 2-12 weeks, with shorter stays suitable for life skills such as loose leash walking and recall, and longer stays suitable for more challenging behavioural issues such as reactivity, cooperative care and aggression. 

We go to great lengths to ensure their stay is comfortable and stress free. For the dogs, it feels like a school holiday programme and they often don't want to leave! 

Boarding & Respite

If your dog's age/temperament/health isn't suitable for the traditional commercial boarding facilities, or you'd prefer they continue to get their home comforts while you're away, we offer a very small scale, boutique boarding service.

Maximum 2 dogs at a time depending on temperament, dogs can come and stay on our safe and secure farm stay, and live as one of the family while you're away.  

Living with 2 experienced dog trainers means your dog gets the absolute best of the best in terms of catering to their individual needs and providing appropriate mental and physical stimulation.

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