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Meet Hannah

MSc - Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Welcome to my site and thanks for having a look around. Animal behaviour and training has been a life long passion of mine. From as early as 6 years old I was intrigued by how I could manipulate my cat's behaviour by placing food where i wanted her to go (no wonder she was fat!).

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My Story

Since 2009 I have been studying behaviour and training dogs professionally.


I specialise in behaviour modification for fear, anxiety and aggression. My priority is always to improve dogs psychological wellbeing and to develop emotionally robust family pets; dogs which can focus and thrive in our lifestyles without the use of fear and pain. I pride myself on using gentle and effective methods based on scientific fact rather than opinion. As scientific research in the industry grows so should my methods and techniques.

I am most passionate about husbandry and cooperative care training, which works to reduce fear and stress during handling procedures such as grooming or vet visits, and where dogs are taught to volunteer for (and hopefully enjoy) these day to day inevitable procedures. I work closely with a number of grooming salons and vet clinics to help overcome fear and aggression in these environments, as well as teaching cooperative care (and many other topics) to owners and professionals in workshops and seminars around the country.​ 

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Tertiary Qualifications

Masters of Science - Clinical Animal Behaviour (Edinburgh University, Scotland, 2020) 

Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Animal Behaviour (Edinburgh University, Scotland, 2018)

Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Animal Behaviour (Edinburgh University, Scotland, 2016)

Bachelor of Applied Science - Animal Management and Welfare (Unitec 2013)

Certificate in Animal Management (Unitec 2010)


I'm always looking to engage with dog owners.
Let's connect.

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