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1-2 hours long

An initial consultation to thoroughly go over your dog's history, behaviour and lifestyle. We'll discuss the issues you're having, set realistic and achievable short and longterm training goals, and develop a training plan to move forward with.
This session also includes owner training around the methods and techniques we will use in the following sessions, the psychology behind your dog's behaviour, and initial homework to get started on.

Compulsory for all behavioural cases including but not limited to: court referrals, vet referrals, dog directed aggression, human directed aggression, leash reactivity, severe anxiety, canine compulsive disorder, separation anxiety etc.
Not required for general training / obedience cases or puppies. 



1 hour long
In-home or in a suitable training location

After setting training and behaviour goals for you and your dog together, these 1 hour sessions focus on working through your personalised training plan by teaching you, the owner, how to read and understand your dog's motivations and behaviours so that you're equipped with the tools and techniques for life with your dog.
You'll learn how to prevent undesirable behaviour, change existing behaviour, and create new desired behaviours. 
Two sessions minimum.


30 - 60minutes long

In-home or at local vet clinic
or grooming salon

First session 1 hour - $149+gst
Follow up 30min sessions - $80 + gst

If your dog has trouble with a specific handling procedure, this service is for you. Cooperative care training works to reduce fear and stress during handling procedures such as grooming, nail clipping or vet visits.

The goal is to build positive associations and develop dogs who volunteer for (and hopefully enjoy) the inevitable day to day husbandry procedures. Whether your dog hates having their nails clipped, ears cleaned, harness put on or is fearful of or showing aggression towards their groomer or vet, this is where cooperative care comes in.

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