Remote training

Reach your training goals regardless of where you live using video chat, live demonstrations, customised training plans and our online training community. Suitable for puppies right through to anxieties, aggressions and cooperative care.

Boarding & Board & Train

A home away from home, your dog comes for a multi-week stay so that we can dedicate the time and expertise to help you reach your training goals. Best suited for families lacking the time or the handling skills to effectively implement the training themselves, we use compassionate & welfare conscious training methods to meet your dog where they are. 

Dog trainer Mentorship

A 6 month programme for aspiring trainers & savvy dog nerds looking for guidance in reaching their career goals. We use fortnightly zoom chats, unlimited text support monthly group sessions, training challenges, scientific journal article discussions and much more to help you become the best trainer you can be.

Foster Dog programme

For one lucky dog at a time, our Foster Programme provides a safe and secure temporary home where dog's receive the training and enrichment they need to best set them up for success in their future home. Sponsored by our Patreon supporters.

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