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"Had a fantastic board and train experience with Hannah looking after our dog Obi. Great communication and training with immediate results."

"I just came back from a walk with Obi and we managed to go past a variety of dogs behind fences and on leash and he was really good. A few things got his attention but it was pretty easy to get his focus back on me. We'll keep working with him and i'm really hopeful about his training. Looking forward to our next session."


Teddy and Summer are back for a fortnigh

“I met my puppy Teddy when he was 9 months old, he was very fearful of all new experiences and found it very difficult to concentrate to learn new instructions or listen to commands. One day we were out walking and he ran straight out of the park after a dog went to play with him and I knew we needed help. I found Hannah from a recommendation and she has helped Teddy relax and enjoy life the way he should. Hannah is completely in tune with Teddy's body language and by using gentle positive reinforcement she has created a food motivated puppy who wants to work hard and listen to instructions. He no longer bolts form the park when he sees another dog but looks to me for guidance and he can calmly walk past. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hannah to anyone who is getting a puppy and needs to make sure it has had great socialisation experiences or someone with an older dog that needs help. Hannah is patient, kind and genuinely wants to help owners and their dogs enjoy great lives together.”


Nothing is more rewarding than watching

"Finding a suitably qualified and knowledgable behaviourist can be full of pitfalls for well-intentioned dog owners like myself. Mia showed signs of fear from the day we picked her up from the SPCA at 4 months old. At 6 months Mia attended 7x one on one training sessions with Hannah and we have never looked back, and that was over 4 years ago. I felt that Hannah embraced positive, reward-based, dog-friendly training techniques so that both Mia and myself and hubby could enjoy learning new skills together and continue the training daily at home. Hannah has created such a relaxed and friendly environment which has proven to maximise Mia's learning and to promote her confidence and ours.
We have worked with Hannah on and off since our first meeting almost over a period of 4 years!! We would not hesitate to consult Hannah and her team for any future training with Mia or dare i say it a new member to our family. She came highly recommended to us and went beyond all expectations that we had. "
Simply put, we all love Hannah!



"Hannah is just awesome. From our first time meeting we felt confident that we’d found the right dog trainer for us. Our two year old Labrador, Honey, has been working with Hannah for the last few weeks to help with her leash anxiety. Honey adores Hannah, and not only has her anxiety decreased markedly, but we’ve also noticed a massive boost in her confidence and her off-leash recall. Hannah goes out of her way to take you on the training journey with phone and email updates. We’ve also really enjoyed the opportunity to go out with Hannah and hone our skills. Hannah is so knowledgeable, fun and compassionate. We can’t recommend her and Good Dogs Unleashed enough."


🐾 Please may I have a treaty_ I promise

"Malo is a completely different dog since Hannah has been working with us. 
After some traumatic experiences Malo had developed severe anxiety of new places and a fear of people. He was unmanageable on a lead and out in public spaces.
Hannah has not only helped Malo grow in confidence but has also helped me learn new skills to help Malo on his journey to become a happier and more confident dog.
Hannah’s approach of rewarding good behaviour as opposed to punishing bad has in my opinion been integral in the huge progress Malo has made.
I now look forward to my walks with Malo (which used to be a very stressful experience for both of us), watching his progress, and I am a better dog owner because of Hannah’s guidance. 
I can’t recommend her enough. She has literally, in Malo’s case, been a life saver."


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