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1 hour option - From your home
1/wk - $120
2/wk - $100
3/wk - $80

3 hour half day option

Driven to a suitable training location
1/wk - $199
2/wk - $179
3/wk - $159

Trainer-only sessions that speed up the training process and take some of the pressure off you doing all the homework yourself. These are a great solution for time-poor households, or for cases that require a more experienced handler. 

On set days, your dog will be collected by Lewis or Hannah during the day and either be trained from your home or driven to an appropriate training location where we can work on your training goals for you. 

Highly recommended for cases of leash reactivity, fearful puppies or adults requiring careful exposure, loose leash walking, recall or other general obedience.


30 - 60minutes long

In-home or at local vet clinic
or grooming salon

First session 1 hour - $149+gst
Follow up 30min sessions - $80 + gst

If your dog has trouble with a specific handling procedure, this service is for you. Cooperative care training works to reduce fear and stress during handling procedures such as grooming or vet visits.

The goal is to build positive associations and develop dogs who volunteer for (and hopefully enjoy) the inevitable day to day procedures. Whether your dog hates having their nails clipped, ears cleaned, harness put on or is fearful of or showing aggression towards their groomer or vet, this is where cooperative care comes in.

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