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Creating dogs

that thrive

Our purpose at ThinkDog is not just to train your dog to sit and stay, but to help you develop a mutually beneficial relationship that prioritises the wellbeing of both ends of the leash. By teaching you, the guardian, how to both understand and work with your dog, we can empower them to not only cope in this weird and wacky human world, but thrive.


Your 24/7 Dog Trainer

Our goal is to help as many dogs and their owners around the world coexist and thrive in our human world. We provide consistent, free content on our social media platforms along with a subscription based community and private service where members can access us day or night for support and stream hundreds of tutorial videos. 

Join Us

Join the tribe!

Join our private online training community, where like minded owners congregate to support and cheerlead each other along their dog owning and training journeys.

Monthly live Q&A sessions, webinars, training challenges, resource recommendations and hundreds of tutorial videos - the community is there for you. 

Work one on one with a pro

If you have a specific training or behaviour issue you would like targeted help with, Lewis or Hannah are available to work with you one on one to meet your goals. Through a series of remote training sessions, we can discuss your needs, develop a training plan, then work through that plan together while always prioritizing the wellbeing of both ends of the leash.  

Remote Training

Foster Dog Programme

Boarding & Board & Train

Dog Trainer Mentorship



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