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What an every day training session looks like with us

Here is just a simple video of what a typical training session looks like with the dogs we work with.

You have to remember that dogs are learning all the time, so technically you are always training them but we should also set aside 5 or 10 minutes a day/ 1 or 2 short training sessions with our dogs to really teach them what we want them to be able to learn and remember to do in other contexts as well.

It's also best to teach dogs new skills when there isn't anything else going on. Similarly if we wanted to learn a new language we wouldn't try to learn it at a night club. Eventually we will be able to implement what we've learned there but not initially and it may take a little while before we get there. If we haven't really practiced and taught our dogs what we need them to do at home first we shouldn't then expect them to be able to practice those skills at their night club - the dog beach or dog park or even when people come over. Which is what Elvis finds really exciting.



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